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What are the functions of a large washing machine?

2020-04-06 10:43

When it comes to large-scale washing machines, I believe that friends who are in the laundry shop of the laundry factory that opens the laundry room will not be unfamiliar. Less, so what are the specific functions of this large-scale washing machine, and in which areas is it used? Today, the editor of Lijing Washing Machinery will give you a detailed analysis:

1. The first thing a large washing machine should have is the function of washing clothes. Generally speaking, large washing machines are for industrial use. The minimum washing capacity is 15 kg. The maximum washing capacity of a single machine for a fully automatic industrial washing machine is 130 kg. That is, the maximum washing capacity of the horizontal industrial washing machine can reach 500 kg.

2. The large washing machine also has a dehydration function, which is mainly for fully automatic large-scale washing machines, which is what we call the automatic elution machine, dual-use elution machine, with elution and dehydration functions, generally fully automatic industrial There are more than 20 kinds of washing programs entered in his computer version of the washing machine. Different procedures can be selected according to different materials of washing linen. Just click the washing button lightly to complete the entire washing process automatically.

3. Some large-scale washing machines also have a drying function. This is what we often call the elution-drying machine. The maximum washing capacity of this elution-drying machine is 25 kg, and it needs to be taken out after washing and dehydration. The distribution grass can be dried, so the elution-drying machine is generally aimed at users with relatively small washing volume.

4. The application range of large-scale washing machines is relatively wide, such as factory washing work clothes, hospital washing bed linens, hotel and hotel bed linens, washing center washing towels, laundry, dry cleaning, etc. Large washing machine.